Drinking Buddies diptych

Drinking Buddies

aluminum alchemy
a top pops
sipping for fun
a loss or a toss
floating, settling
filling with sand
years pass pitting

Eagle Mountain Outfitters

The Lost Soles Catalog

journeys long ago taken
as part of a pair
afternoon picnics
first love affair
left out that night
with storm unexpected
leaves the one for another

then again…

a step or a slip or a darn drop
and one is taken away
with the whoosh of a wave
it floats for a while
some sink, some float
until coming to rest
rooted in place by branches and briers
or stuck in tight places,
or to wait to continue

Knick Knack Paddy Whacker

The One That Got Away

Sand Crystals


Sand Candy

beautiful days
sandy shores
childlike abandon
barefoot joys
time on the beach
accidental woes
bleeding toes

Beach Bums Diptych

Beach Bums

washed down on a hot summer day
left behind or drifted downstream
settling, sinking, filling
lying lazily under dark waters
waiting for the day
finally exposed
soaking in rays
weighted down
secure in the sand
until the waters
cover again
forever is another day

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